Give your enterprise the freedom to transform

For large companies that need to stay nimble it’s all about digital agility and turning customers into subscribers

Enterprises are shifting in the era of digital disruption

“By 2020, more than 80% of software providers will have changed to a subscription based business model.”

Get access to the five most valuable lessons learned in the process of transitioning to a subscription business mode.

Traditional systems won’t work in this new era

Rigid, legacy systems that were designed for an era of transactional business are incredibly slow and expensive to change.

But the world of subscriber freedom is a dynamic one

Give your enterprise the freedom to move fast

Zuora’s technology helps large enterprises reinvent for the modern world by turning your enterprise “system of record” to a “system of innovation”

Unify Your Quote-to-Cash Processes

Transform your business by simplifying and unifying systems across different product lines and business units.

Monetize new business models

Monetize new business models that are centered around customers, not products.

Improve your customer experience

Deliver a frictionless buying experience for customers and partners

Move fast

Shed your heavily customized and complex infrastructure in order to stay nimble and fast.

Many of our customers are already practicing digital agility

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: A Zuora Customer Story

Pierre-Yves Noel, Cloud Services Product Owner at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise on how Zuora's flexible subscription management solution helped the company launch new business models.

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