Company BizLibrary
Industry Education

The Customer

BizLibrary is a leading provider of online employee training and eLearning solutions.

The Challenge

BizLibrary wanted a customer analytics solution to understand subscribers, their usage patterns and ROIs.

The Solution

Zuora helped BizLibrary easily view and analyze real-time subscriber insights from a single dashboard.

The Benefits

YTD in 2015, upsells increased by 134%,renewal rates by 16%, customer engagement by 19% and net promoter score by 58%.

“We are finding that our clients are talking to us more frequently because we have better information and valuable information that they are interested in.” — Shannon Kluczny, Vice President of Client Success at BizLibrary

BizLibrary's Story

Founded in 1996, BizLibrary’s e-learning solutions have a simple approach to delivering high quality learning. The company’s award-winning content library contains thousands of online employee training videos covering a wide range of business training topics. They also have programs to help managers improve and manage employee learning. The company has been the recipient of several awards including three Best of eLearning awards and two coveted Brandon Hall Awards of Excellence in 2014 alone.

BizLibrary relied on a home-grown ‘scoring model’ to understand subscriber health and identify opportunities and risks. This required the customer success team to manually run numerous reports every quarter on each account. It was not only reactive and time-consuming but also sometimes inaccurate.

Zuora helped BizLibrary truly understand their subscribers with real-time insights - view the different usage components, identify trends and learnings, understand how customers were getting good ROIs, etc. “What we’ve found is that we know information before our clients...So, we are bringing that to their attention. It’s creating a trusted environment. We are finding that our clients are talking to us more frequently because we have better and valuable information that they are interested in” explains Shannon Kluczny, Vice President of Client Success at BizLibrary.

The ease and speed with which the customer success team could share this knowledge with customers also gave a tremendous boost to engagement and upsells. “The thing that has moved the most is our upgrades. Because we know exactly who to target and who our engaged clients are and we are being very specific on what we are approaching them on. We’ve had the highest upgrade quarter ever” says Kluczny about the 94% increase in customer upgrade revenue and 6% increase in utilization in Q1 of 2015.

To-date in 2015, BizLibrary has seen a 134% increase in upsells, 16% increase in renewal rates, 19% increase in customer engagement and a 41% increase in net promoter score. All while saving members of their team 8-16 hours/week.

In addition, BizLibrary’s new ability to segment and understand data has helped shorten sales cycles, target bigger accounts and close deals. It has also helped the customer success team align better with their Marketing department. With Zuora delivering key subscriber insights, BizLibrary is sure to see happier customers. And many more awards.

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