“Scaling our subscription business to what it is today simply wouldn't have been possible without Zuora." – Dylan Smith, CFO

Company Box
Industry Cloud Infrastructure

The Customer

Box is the mastermind behind secure cloud storage and filesharing.

The Challenge

As they reached enterprise scale, they needed a subscription system that could handle millions of transactions.

The Solution

Zuora’s platform has helped Box seize the enterprise market, and gives them flexibility to innovate.

The Benefits

Box counts 120,000+ businesses and 27 million individual as subscription customers.

"There was a pre-Zuora Box and a post-Zuora Box. It was really painful before you guys came along." — Aaron Levie, CEO

Box's Story

Box used Zuora to make the big charge into the enterprise market. We brought clarity and simplicity to their subscription commerce operations, and we created a foundation for one incredibly fast scale-up.

Today, Box is apparently unstoppable. They're like lions, leading the pride in secure online content management, file sharing, and web collaboration. To date, they've signed 120,000+ businesses and millions of individual users.

But a company doesn’t go from dorm-room dream to market king without making some extremely smart decisions.

In 2008, Box was ready to grow up—that is, to scale from a consumer product to an enterprise business application. Easier said than done. Pretty swiftly they realized their original commerce infrastructure wasn’t up to the task. Box couldn't run an enterprise subscription business on a single payment gateway, and the system couldn't handle a major overhaul.

Other challenges abounded. Box’s team couldn’t change their pricing quickly enough to react to new consumer demands and market changes. Nor could the system manage upsells, add-ons, and change orders for their millions of users. (Yes, that's millions. Awesome, right?)

So they went on the hunt for a system that could do all of that, and to crown it all, keep their transactions PCI compliant. Those thousands of credit card transactions don't securitize themselves, after all, do they?

So Box partnered with Zuora. We offered them a platform that could support the scale they were trying to reach.

Now Box has a scalable, flexible platform that keeps their massive enterprise customers happy. A big part of that happiness comes from flexibility. With Zuora, they’ve been able to experiment with their pricing dozens of times to target new enterprise segments. They've also been ready to handle every upsell, add-on, and change order that customers have thrown their way. Today, Box manages their 120,000+ subscriptions with ease and grace. And they're totally thrilled that the next 120,000 will be as simple and easy to manage as the first.

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