“We're growing more quickly because we've added this system.” — Gray Chynoweth, COO

Company Dyn
Industry Cloud Infrastructure

The Customer

Dyn empowers both individuals and large enterprise businesses to monitor, control, and optimize their online infrastructure.

The Challenge

Their homegrown billing system was labor-intensive and error-prone, ultimately holding them back from scaling.

The Solution

Dyn now has a scalable infrastructure that allows them to be extremely efficient in their backend processes, and make faster decisions with better business insights.

The Benefits

In just one quarter, Dyn has added over 200 new enterprise customers and close to 200,000 new self-service customers. And they’ve gone global.

“Zuora is the right partner for us because they understand where the industry is going. Zuora is a solution we can rely on now, and in the future.”

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Dyn's Story

Dyn uses Zuora to run a massive billing operation and to gain better, faster business insights. Not having to deal with the billing back-end allows Dyn to focus on fostering thousands of B2B and B2C subscription relationships.

Dyn’s homegrown billing system was initially adequate for a handful of customers. But after the business began to scale rapidly, the system just couldn’t keep pace. "For every 500 customers, we needed another billing person, so a stack of people [were] doing very repetitive tasks and not adding a lot of value," Gray Chynoweth, COO at Dyn said.

Their first reaction was to hire a developer to enhance their current system. But soon they realized they weren’t billing experts, nor did they want to be. "We were putting resources to a thing we didn't want to be that good at,” Chynoweth said.

To have the freedom to scale, Dyn needed to stay flexible. That meant Dyn needed a system that equipped them with better business insights and automated their backend billing processes.

Since implementing Zuora back in 2010, Dyn is now more agile. Chynoweth said that besides shortening the monthly close, another significant advantage of Zuora is its scalability. "We're growing more quickly because we've added this system, and we haven't had to add another billing person."

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