“Zuora was one of the few solutions we found that really addressed the issue of subscription management and billing in a flexible and efficient way." — Dan Olley, CIO

Company Reed Business Information
Industry Media

The Customer

Reed Business Information produces hundreds of data services, business information publications and marketing tools.

The Challenge

They needed needed more flexibility to align pricing and packaging with customer usage patterns.

The Solution

Zuora's billing platform allowed for flexible pricing and packaging, as well as comprehensive CRM integration.

The Benefits

RBI has increased subscription revenues by over 10% by optimizing upsells and pricing, and reducing churn.

“We preferred to buy before building; we found Zuora through a search on the web and were impressed with the functionality they could provide.” — Mary Collerton, Corporate Solutions Director

Reed's Story

Zuora gave Reed Business Information the agility it needed to accurately price and package thousands of paid content streams.

Reed Business Information certainly doesn’t need any introduction to the benefits of subscription-based revenue. The UK-based media conglomerate has been focusing on paid content, data services, and online marketing for the last twenty years. Their problem wasn’t selling content and services, so much as setting the right price for them.

RBI’s impressive array of over 400 individual business titles and professional news services covers a range of global verticals including chemicals, agriculture, HR, property, finance, science and aerospace. Its award-winning publishing brands range from New Scientist to Farmer’s Weekly.

Corporate Solutions Director Mary Collerton explains that in late 2008, RBI was looking to replace a creaky in-house system to manage their vast range of electronic subscription billing offers.

They were also concerned about leaving money on the table. They needed to know whether they were correctly upselling high-usage clients.

So how did they find us? By googling some key terms, naturally.

“We preferred to buy before building,” says Mary Collerton, Corporate Solutions Director. “We found Zuora through a search on the web and were impressed with the functionality they could provide.”

The rest is history.Today one of our earliest and most valued clients uses Zuora to power all of their subscription billing and finance needs, and to help them negotiate renewal terms and up-sells. And with seamless Salesforce integration, Zuora provides RBI account managers with new insights to optimize the sales approach. Ultimately, it enables them to build stronger relationships with customers, without heavy IT investment.

The executive team regularly checks in with Mary Collerton and her team to ensure Zuora integration with new titles and services are going well. We’re happy to report that revenues are up and to the right. RBI’s next promising venture? Like all smart publishers with dedicated professional audiences, they’re investing heavily in conferences and events. They’re hosting several hundred this year.

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