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Subscription Economy Index™

The latest edition of the Subscription Economy Index™

The latest edition of the Subscription Economy Index™ (SEI), Zuora’s landmark index tracking the rapid ascent of the Subscription Economy, reflects the growth metrics of hundreds of companies across North America and Europe. It also spans a number of industries including SaaS, IoT, media, telecommunications, and corporate services.

In this update (as of Q2 2018) , Zuora Chief Data Scientist Carl Gold shares his latest key findings and as well as an exclusive usage-based billing growth guide.

Highlights include:

  • Subscription companies employing a small amount of usage-based billing (less than 10%) in their revenue mix grow more than twice as fast as those who don't use this model.
  • Subscription Economy companies in Europe are growing at least six times faster than the companies represented by the FTSE (London), CAC (Paris) and DAX (Berlin)
  • The growth rate of our latest vertical, IoT, is growing at 28% year-over-year

Study Highlights

Download the latest report to read the latest key metrics (as of Q2 2018) on:

  • The Subscription Economy Index™ vs S&P 500 & U.S. Retail Sales
  • Subscription Growth Rates by Industry
  • Growth by Region: EMEA vs North America
  • Usage-Based Billing by Business Model and Vertical
  • The Two Growth Levers: ARPA & Net Accounts
  • Subscription Revenue Growth by Business Model, Revenue Band
  • Subscription Churn Rates by Business Model, Industry, Company Size, and Region
    B2B, B2C, and B2Any Sub-Indices
Study Highlights

Growth Rates by Industry

Which industries are thriving in the Subscription Economy?

  • Corporate Services
  • Telecommunications
  • SaaS
  • Media
  • IoT
Growth Rates by Industry

“Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about subscription companies. Today, Zuora, a company that powers subscription-based businesses, which we wrote about in the magazine last year, launched an index to track what its CEO Tien Tzuo calls ‘the Subscription Economy.’”

- Forbes

“Because Zuora is a company that collects a great deal of data, Tzuo is able to say with confidence that 70 percent of customer growth was attributable to expanding footprints (upsells, cross-sells, renewals) rather than to the addition of net new customers. Zuora anonymizes customer data to derive such insights, which it publishes as the Subscription Economy Index, or SEI.”

- CRMBuyer

“The breadth and depth of the data analyzed in this study speak to the rapid ascent of the Subscription Economy.”

- eWeek